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I've seen ads about debt settlement is it too good to be true?

A financial hardship is where a debtor cannot afford repayments on a credit contract, they may seek a variation of the repayment arrangement on the grounds of hardship.

This often happens to people who's monthly expenses including their credit card payments, outweigh their income. Individuals who find themselves in this situation have various options available to them. Which option is best for you would be dependent upon your particular situation.

If you are in a position where you can no longer maintain the monthly minimum payments on your credit cards and have started to fall behind, your choices are drastically reduced.

Can I settle my debt on my own?

Sure you can, but we would not recommend it. You may be able to make your own plumbing repairs or install your own computer network, but most people don't have the time or expertise to deal with it.

Creditors deal with thousands of people who are in financial difficulty every day and have a vast array of sophisticated (and some rather blunt) methods of intimidating you into financial arrangements you cannot keep.

The settlement process is usually very emotional and stressful, especially when you are the one being attacked by collectors over the phone. Most people prefer to leave these tasks to experienced people who earn their livelihood doing that particular kind of work.

We have a staff of debt negotiators whose only job is to negotiate the settlement of unsecured debt, every day, five days a week. By letting us do what we do best, you will get better settlements with a fraction of the stress.

WE know how to deal with creditors and have in-depth knowledge about how these institutions work. We can potentially save you thousands of dollars and free you from a considerable amount of stress.

I have heard that Debt Settlement Companies are scams is this true?

Recently the FTC passed strict regulations in the attempt to protect the consumer and in the hopes to eliminate companies that did not have their client's best interest in mind.

In that it mentions about fee structures and how companies can charge fees for their services. This was because many companies would change a large portion of their fees before any actual settlements had occurred. Often time their performance was sub-par and this made it difficult for a consumer to seek their money back.

A better idea is to have a company who believes in their abilities and shows that by charging no fees to the client for their services until the debt has actually been settled. This ensures one that the customer can save money for settlements much faster, and two the customer knows what they are paying for before they pay for it.

Is debt settlement legal?

Debt settlement is a legal and cost-effective option to reduce debt and get debt paid off fast. Debt Settlement is a proactive approach for debtors experiencing the stress of too much debt. We understand the stress and struggle of living with an overwhelming amount of debt, and our goal is to reduce and consolidate your debt so that you can begin living the lifestyle you've been dreaming about.

Debt settlement is a legitimate way of solving your problem without the need for bankruptcy. Our representatives work each case individually to determine your eligibility and then, if you qualify, they will establish a program that allows repayment of the debt through affordable monthly payments. This approach reduces your debt vs.. consolidation options. Our approach assists you by reducing the time to repay the debt and by lowering the total amount you owe.

Can a creditor sue me if I am going through a debt relief program?

Creditors have the right to use legal means to collect a debt. Some creditors are more likely to file suit than others.

Creditor lawsuits are NOT COMMON they do happen. It is also a common tactic of third-party creditors or collection agencies to threaten you with a lawsuit (which is illegal if they do not intend to sue). The reality is that third-party creditors or collection agencies rarely ever sue. You should be aware that a creditor can only sue you if it retains an attorney that is in your state. Furthermore, it takes time and costs money to file. Lastly, even if a creditor is to take legal action, they can only collect what you have. A wage garnishment takes time and always hinges on your employment and may not be applicable in your state. If you own a home it is difficult for a creditor to attach the equity in your home and it may be protected by your state's homestead act. In conclusion, it is typically more cost effective for a creditor to settle than to pursue legal action. While we cannot guarantee that legal action will not be taken, we are confident that our experience in dealing with creditors can reduce the possibility of this happening.

Despite any legal action that may or may not be taken, your account can be settled before, during or after the suit. Just because an account goes to legal action does not mean that we cannot settle it. The threat of legal action can be the scariest of all, IT CAN BE HANDLED.

Here are some facts; Right now in the United States there are between 200 and 300 billion dollars of uncollected (Money Judgment debt). The court does not require the debtor to pay, and will not even help collect. Very few people know how to find these assets or what to do when they are found. The result is that millions of Judgments are just sitting in files. "Four of five winners of a Judgment never see a dime." We negotiate all unsecured debts, which include judgments. Regardless of what stage of collections a debt is in, it can be negotiated.

Note: We cannot provide you with legal advice. We work with your creditors to find a solution that will satisfy everyone before legal action is taken.


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